Wednesday, June 22, 2011

READY for Abigail

Closing in on the last week of pregnancy.  More than likely forever.  Can't believe this chapter of my life is almost over.  But....I think as I typically do, when I grieve over something, it will be much later.  Right now, I would really like this baby out.  If I could ask her nicely, I would ask her to please not move anymore.  At all.  But she might like to ask me the same thing.  I went to my 39 week appointment on Monday (although I'm officially 39 weeks today), and I was almost 3 cm dilated!  I'm kinda proud of myself, because I've never been that dilated on my own.  I could now have an epidural if I wanted one.  IF I go into labor on my own, which would be so cool and a first.  But my doctor said, if you don't have this baby by Monday, would you like to come in and we'll induce?  When I'm not this pregnant, I always say, I want to wait and see if I go into labor on my own.  But then I get this far along and I remember why I've always said, "yes, let's get this baby out."  Especially since my last induction went so very smoothly.  Anyway, Lord-willing, we will have a baby by Monday.

Mom and I have been planning yesterday and today to work on my house.  You know, whip it into shape before all chaos breaks loose for about 6 weeks (and beyond) and you're doing good just to get a shower every now and then.  Although, she mainly did the "whipping".  My mom is so good at that.  Is it a mom thing?  Probably.  Also my energy level has pretty much flat-lined.  I get out of bed in the morning (still trying not to throw-up, but not always successful) wondering when I can get back in it.

I finally have a few pictures of some, well, actually only one sewing project, to show.  I am especially excited about it, and thoroughly enjoyed doing it.  I splurged on Amy Butler fabric a long time ago and was determined to finish this "Everything Bag" out of her Little Stitches book.  If anyone who is reading ever decides to make it, there is an error in one of the instructions.  It will save you lots of time and frustration if you go to the website and look up corrections before you get started sewing.  Also, the handles are a little too short.  I would like to go back and make them longer.  Not quite long enough to throw over your shoulder. The pictures are darker now that they are on my blog.  Frustrating.

I actually got two great diaper bags from friends at my church.  Definitely not hurting for cute things to carry all my stuff in.  I say "my" stuff, because for the last 2 years my diaper bag has become my purse.  Sad, really.  Andrew is 2 1/2 and I still carry around his diaper bag.  Mom suggested I save one of them and let her use it as an overnight bag when she gets older. Decisions, decisions...
Her crib (which was Ellie's and then Ada's) is set up in the corner of Ellie's room and Ellie has already started sleeping back in her room again, and grins excitedly sometimes at how soon Abigail will be in there with her.  Even though I have explained that she will probably not actually be sleeping in there for awhile.  The bedding is the Isabelle pattern from Pottery Barn that I found on Ebay.  It coordinates with Ellie's bedding, but not matches and I could not be happier with it.
For awhile she will be in our room next to our bed, where her little corner is all set up just like it was for Andrew.  He stayed much longer than I had in mind.  Hoping Abigail will be a better night sleeper!
Plenty of these...
So excited about all the little girl clothes I have been able to pull out again after 6 years!
A few other little things besides baby stuff that I've been occupied with.  I LONG to have a garden.  But for a number of reasons, it can't happen this summer.  My aunt gave us some cucumber seeds in April and we planted them in a large pot on the deck.  This is what we have now and it makes me soooo happy. 
I have several containers right now of growing things.  Some have worked much better than others.  This one is the best and my favorite.  I love, love sweet potato vine.  I thought it was super easy to grow anywhere, but I'm learning that it does best without direct sun.
Cilantro and Basil...
And a little friend that seems to be enjoying all of this stuff too.  He had made his home underneath a little shovel we had up on the ledge.  But my mother HATES frogs.  She said "If you love me, you will get rid of it."  And we do love her and really need her help after I have this baby, so I moved the shovel and the frog has not been back.  It looks like a toad to me, actually.  Not sure how to tell the difference.
So that is it.  Trying to keep my children very occupied and out of the house until Friday when they will go with Steven to Chattanooga to visit his family.  Just a few more days.  My house is NEVER this picked up and with all of us here, it takes about two seconds for it to be a complete mess again.

Also, highly anticipating Cars 2 in theaters starting Friday.  Anyone else making big movie plans for that this weekend?

Last belly shot--39 weeks.

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Esther Bratton said...

Ok, your bag rocks!!! I was telling my mom about your protect and can't wait to show her the pictures. LOVE how the crib bedding turned out and the pictures of all the girly clothes made me so happy!!!!!!! All the pics were awesome btw. Looking forward to lunch to visit a bit before the big day. I really can't believe she is going to be here so soon! Time flies. I absolutely can not WAIT to meet this newest Barber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!