Saturday, September 3, 2011

This Weekend

I made it back before an entire month passed!  Surprising, actually, because my laptop computer died.  But we are at mom's this morning, so I am taking full advantage of some Mac time.  We're at mom's because Luke has a big weekend-travelling to Atlanta to go the Georgia game with Steven.  He, Steven, and Ellie left late yesterday afternoon for Chattanooga.  They spent the night with Steven's parents last night and Ellie is staying there today while the boys go to the game.  Steven dropped off me and the younger two at my parent's house so Andrew wouldn't feel quite so left out.  

It's a little bittersweet for me.  I can kiss any hopes of Luke ever being an Auburn fan out the window after this weekend.  I will keep Andrew cheering for my team though, as long as I can.

The other exciting event that happened this week at our house is that Ellie got her ears pierced.  She did great and did not even flinch.  There was only one girl working, so she had to do each ear separately.  However, when we were at the pediatrician later for Abigail's check-up, she panicked over a flu shot.  She has had a bad cold and doesn't feel great, or she was just not in a very good mood.  A little of both.  

And here are our best efforts at a group shot.  It was a stressful few hours trying to get everyone packed and out the door, and make sure we had the right things in the right car.  Ellie didn't feel great, however she feels good enough to get a stir out of Luke.  

Initial arguing...

Still going...

Thinking of a way to get back at him...

Aggravating... (Andrew being very cooperative)

Aggravating some more...

And...success!  She got the reaction she was hoping for.

And then Steven said, "Okay, that's it.  We have to go."
So Andrew and Charlie waved bye-bye.

And so did Abigail.

Happy Labor Day Weekend...Welcome Fall!!