Sunday, March 29, 2009

Really Quick

I haven't blogged in forever. And I don't think this post will be very long. Our computer at home doesn't work anymore. My computer time is dependant on Steven bringing home his laptop so I can do it at night (and that's out on the weekends because he is using it to study for his sermon on Sun.) or I have to do it at my mom's, and then that is only if my children are sleeping or quietly occupied (which is rare). I know...excuses, excuses. Oh, and I have a newborn and spend a huge majority of my time these days nursing, which I have done on a few occasions while I check the computer. While I am definitely learning to multi-task, still haven't mastered a blogpost while nursing.

Anyway, this weekend has been kind of a bummer. Rain and threats of tornadoes (gotta love the South in the spring), which has brought some unusually cold and dreary weather on this Sunday. The time spent indoors has given Ellie and Luke such opportunity to be at each other all day long. The fighting is at an all-time high. If things go like they did with me and Laura Beth, we still have about 16 more years before the fighting will come to a stop. I am hoping things will be different since it is a girl/boy dynamic. Although Steven remembers having to be separated by hanging clothes on trips from his sister so they wouldn't fight. And being told "just don't even look at each other". I remember hearing that as well. I am now using all those same tactics to keep from hearing blood-curdling screams (those come mainly from Luke-which was LB). Ellie is usually the quiet antagonizer (which was yours truly). I have officially apologized to my mom. This is how we spend a lot of time these days-I am on the bed feeding Andrew, Ellie is sitting on one side and Luke on the I can see both of them, but they can't see each other. It is constant these days!...and making Steven and me both want to pull our hair out!

Andrew is doing well. We're doing 5 hour stretches on most nights. It could be better, it could definitely be worse! Tomorrow will be 8 weeks. I feel like I am starting to come out of the first few months of a new baby fog. I have a few new pictures to post. I knew family would be disappointed if I blogged with no new pictures. Our camera charger was missing for awhile,but I finally found it! So here are a few good shots I was able to get. He is also coming out of what I call the awkward baby phase. You know, when they are losing all their hair, they have acne, and they are going from newborn skinny to three month fat baby.

Still lovin' Andrew! Just not each other.Playing dress-up in an old Strasburg dress.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

The weather here in Alabama was wonderful today!!! It was much needed after what has seemed like a forever long, wet, cold winter. It is supposed to be rainy again tomorrow, but we'll just enjoy today for now. So instead of naps we spent the afternoon playing outside. I think it got up to around 80. We even got some new Crocs yesterday because it was high time for some new ones. (CVS -$7.99!)
And this is what little butterball did while Ellie and Luke played. He was tired after keeping us both up the night before from 3-5:30! (Not to mention the two feedings before that)

If you live in the South, I hope you've been enjoying the warm weather these last few days!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Thank you for all the helpful advice and encouragement that you gave me for the "reflux". I put that in quotes, because I am learning that I don't think he technically has acid reflux (still a little confused about all that). It is comforting to hear other moms say it will get better. I love how the blogworld can become an instant support group! I just thought I would give an update just in case you were wondering. If you're like me, I am always so interested to see how other moms are doing with situations that I have been through. Anyway, I would definitely say things are a little better, or not worse anyway. I have cut out milk products (for the most part). It seems to help some, maybe. The nighttime is starting to get better, which is huge for my sanity. He goes right back to sleep after each feeding. I usually hold him upright for awhile, but then when I cannot stay awake any longer, I put him down. (Doesn't sleep in his swing very well) He still spits up some after that, but the more relaxed and sound asleep he is, the less he spits up. And usually it doesn't seem to bother him too badly. That is why I agree with everyone about the meds, until he is miserable, I think we're okay without them. The only time it seems to bother him is every now and then after a feeding, he is crying, arching his back, pulling up his legs, etc. Eventually he will get the spit-up out. But this is maybe once a day. (Often around the dinner hour and that is just fussy time anyway)

So, that is about it for the update on the spit-up. I thought I would post some pictures to show that he is clearly gaining weight-no problem.

Ellie and Luke are still eating him up. And he has given us a few real smiles and even a little cooing. So fun!

On Wednesday, two of my best friends from college (Kelly and Laurahelen) came for a visit. Kelly had a little boy (Turner) at the beginning of December and she brought him along so he and Andrew could have their first playdate. Mom had Ellie and Luke most of the time so that we could actually have some conversation. It was so fun and such a breath of fresh air! Laurahelen cooked an awesome dinner and held both of the babies quite a bit. She said it was a vacation for her, and it was for me as well, so I think we all benefited from those couple of days.