Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not Too Much to Say

Are you all as over this winter weather as I am? This afternoon, Ellie and Luke said "to heck with it" and went outside to ride their bikes after school. I think Ellie was in a bit of denial as she insisted on wearing her flip-flops. And if you are anywhere near the South you know today wasn't flip-flop weather.

There isn't much too tell. We made it to Laura Beth's and back to see the newest addition to the Moore household. He is too, too much. That little body, and face, and hair. I could eat him with a spoon.

We've been watching a little bit of the Olympics. Ellie and Luke were watching it with me for a little while before bed tonight. It was the skiing where they ski up the ramp and then fly into the air and do like a thousand flips before they miraculously make it back to the ground without landing on their neck. Ellie says, "Wow, how do they do that? That is sooo scary!" Luke says, "Yeah, that is sooo scary (because he repeats everything Ellie says). He gots to be careful."
I told them I agreed with everything they said.

I am trying, trying to get our camera fixed. I called the Target warranty number today, and they transferred me to the Kodak place. I could barely understand the lady I spoke with and she was going over all the things that could be wrong with the camera. I had to take the battery out, try and charge it again, try another plug, wait for awhile. A few times I wanted to say, "I promise it is broken." But I knew as soon as I said that it would work again. So now I'm waiting on them to send me info. on where to send the camera. But tonight I got a message from the Target company saying they had some trouble with my e-mail. I know you were dying to know all that. What I am trying to say is(mainly for family wanting pictures), I'm working on it. But it is still going to be a few more weeks, I'm afraid.

And I finally have a completed sewing project that I am excited to show. It's a very easy, very cute little summer dress. If only my camera would work and it would get warm...

**These are some additions. After I posted this, I checked my e-mail and mom had sent me some pictures from the trip.**

Andrew and John's first introduction

John wasn't too impressed.

And for the first time...all Five!

Again, John was less than thrilled and Andrew was just happy to have his roll.

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Been a Good Day!

We have various things around the house that have needed fixin' and will not happen unless the right people come to fix them. Today, they came!!! Our screen porch is pretty much done-just in time for spring. Our master shower was fixed today, so we don't have to drag our stuff to the guest bathroom anymore to get ready. And did I ever tell you about the time that Ellie and Luke thought it would be a good idea to pull out the second drawer to her dresser, climb in it and sit? Not a good idea. I knew that night that her dresser drawer would be broken FORever before we got it fixed. I was pregnant with Andrew, so it has been at least a year.

We (as in mainly me) are still walking back and forth from the kitchen to the garage to get out and put up refrigerator items. And that probably won't be changing anytime soon. I am grateful just to have a fridge, is what I remind myself A LOT. Especially at 4 am when I have to walk out in the cold to get the milk for Andrew.

Why have I been going out there at 4 am? Because Andrew has been sleeping terribly!!!! As in there have been a couple of days over the last two weeks that he has taken one 45 min. nap. That is it. Did you hear me? One 45 minute nap. He just turned one. Insane? I think so. At least that is how I've been feeling. I am hoping and praying it is due to some molars and top teeth that will cut through very, very soon. This "teething" has caused some bad nights as well.

What does this have to do with my very good day, you ask? Well, let me tell ya-he took about a 2 hour nap this morning and another one this afternoon. And went to bed before 8:00 tonight. With no struggling. Do you hear the Hallelujah chorus coming from the Barber house?

It was not only a good day, but a good night, because Steven called this afternoon and said he had made arrangements for Sarah to keep the kids and we were going to dinner. {Another Hallelujah Chorus} We went to Carrabba's...and then swung by Starbucks.

As I was giving Ellie an early bath in prep for going out tonight, she asked why we were going and they weren't going too. I told her it was a grown-up time. She asked, "so you can just talk and we won't erupt?" Exactly.

I love, love being with my children. They are my life and my joy. However, sometimes I need a break from conversations such as these:

{In the car on the way home from school yesterday}

Luke: "I can't wait to get home and play with my waver."
Me(he is in the way back, so there is a bit of shouting involved): "What, Luke?"
Luke: Again, "I can't wait to get home and play with my waver."
Ellie: "What's a waver?" (I'm wondering the same thing.)
{I'm pretty sure I asked him at least a few more times, trying to figure out what he is talking about}
Luke(frustrated at this point): "You know, my Cars waver that I use on my face."
Me: "Ohhh, he is talking about his razor." (A pretend razor)
Ellie(In a rude, you don't know what you're talking about, tone of voice): "Luke, it is NOT called a weezer."
Me: "Ellie, please be kind to Luke."
Ellie: "But it is NOT called a weezer."
Me: "He didn't say weezer."
Ellie: "Yes, he did."
Me: "He said waver, which it isn't called a waver either, but no matter what he said, don't make him feel silly."
Luke: "WHAT?"

At this point, my head is spinning and I'm not sure what we're even talking/arguing about anymore and I just want to be quiet and enjoy the rest of the ride home in silence and hopefully not wake up Andrew who has just fallen asleep since he has pretty much not slept all day.

So, we had a night without any "eruptions" or conversations about wavers, weezers, or even razors for that matter. It was nice, but always good to get home...

Have a terrific weekend!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Have a Nephew

I think most people who read this blog also read my sister's. So..sorry if this is old news. But it is worth repeating. John Thomas arrived on Monday around lunch time and God was gracious (as was Steven) and I was able to be there--like, right there when he arrived. There is absolutely nothing, at all, in this whole wide world as miraculous.

He is doing well, although there are/were a few complications. For those of you who are interested in knowing a lot more, you can read here and then here for the most recent update. Basically when he took his first breath he tore a small hole in his lung. He had a tube put in. Now the hole is closed up, the tube is out, but he has an infection and jaundice. He is in the NICU and more than likely will be for a few more days. Laura Beth was going home tonight. She desperately wants to nurse and has been able to a few times. But they are also feeding him with a bottle. And she will pump while she is at home until she can get back tomorrow.

I am going to steal a few pictures from Sarah's blog.

Isn't he heavenly? I haven't been able to hold him yet. LB has only been able to hold him a handful of times.

So, what are we doing around here? Getting ready for Valentine's Day. There are about 2,000 Hello Kitty, Superman, etc. cards, pencils, heart stickers floating around our house. They're having some trouble understanding the concept of you take one to everyone in your class and you get to come home with one from everyone. They just feel like they are giving them all away. Ellie was sobbing yesterday as we were designating (sp?) a Valentine for each boy and girl in her class. She would decide on one for someone and then start crying because she really, really wanted that one for herself. Did I do that? I don't remember. But I do remember absolutely loving Valentine's Day and making a box to put the cards in. I still love Valentine's Day. I think the only time I really didn't care for it was when I was in college, living in a dorm, had no boyfriend, and saw flowers arrive at the front desk all day long. It felt like I was the only one on the entire campus without a Valentine.

One last thing before I go. There is an older man in our church who died on Friday night. We had been visiting him and his wife in his last days. This is the first time I had really been around someone who was so close to death. There is another older lady that we used to go to church with who is also on her death bed. Steven went to see her today and said she is not good. I think about John a few days into his life and about these two who were/are at the very end of theirs. I am somewhere in the middle--unless the Lord calls me home early. As we were waiting on John to arrive-not knowing when-these two families were waiting for the end-not knowing for sure either when that day would be. I just think of God's sovereignty and how He has ordained my life and my days. Amazing that the God of all creation thought out the exact time I was to be conceived and then born into this world and He knows exactly when I will leave it. Can't I trust Him with all that is in between?

"My frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth; Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was not one of them."
Psalm 139:15-16

Thursday, February 4, 2010

He's One!

Andrew is now one. I am 29! And baby John still does not have a birthday yet.

I don't have a ton of birthday pictures, but here are the highlights.

Tuesday night I got home pretty late after my sewing class. But I was caffeined up and ready to watch LOST. We had seriously not even made it to the first commercial and I heard Andrew cry. I walked in his bedroom to find his face and bed covered in throw up. It was one of those, "You have GOT to be kidding me" moments. Bless his heart. He threw up one more time about an hour later and that was it. It could have been much worse.

But now Steven has got some form of it. He had a fever and chills last night. I don't know if he has had a fever since we've been married. He has eaten a few crackers today and that is it. I mean, he is really sick. So I have been a single mom since last night. To say I am tired right now would be a massive understatement.

Luke saw Steven's gatorade and came running to me asking for "sick juice". Also, I told them not to get to close as not to catch his germs. Luke saw some spot on the bed and asked if it was a germ.

A few updates:

The fridge guy came today thinking he could fix the problem without making us buy a new computer board. He worked on it for about 30 min. and said, "so sorry-I tried-but couldn't fix it". I guess a new LG computer board will be on its way to our house.

The sewing thing and me seem to be clicking. Even though I have wanted to throw the sewing machine out the window a few times, I really like it. I have done a pair of pajama pants for Ellie and Luke. I may not be able to to do anything else, but I can make a good pair of elastic-waisted pants. Who doesn't want tons of those?

Everyone in my house is asleep and I think I am about to join them...