Friday, May 8, 2009

In Just Three Short Months...

Andrew has gone from thisto this

Although I have to say the first six weeks seemed to go by VERY slowly! Those sleepless nights were HARD. But Andrew has come a long way and to celebrate being 3 months, he slept 11 hours! He hasn't done it again, but he is on his way. And we are now on the downhill slope, I think. He still spits up all the time and everywhere. So much so that the sweet breastmilk spit-up is drawing ants to our carpet, bibs, and pacifiers that have been left on the floor.
Since he is rapidly approaching the holding toys and putting them in his mouth stage, I thought today would be a good day to go through our living room toy drawers and sort through it all. I know better than to do it with Ellie and Luke's help because they won't let me throw away anything. But I did it anyway and still managed to sneak several McDonald's happy meals toys into the trash. If Ellie is in the right mood, she really gets into getting things picked up and organized. Before I knew it she had dashed upstairs and was gone for awhile. She yelled at me a little while later and said her bed was made. Not bad for a 4 year old, huh?
Speaking of 4 year old, I am finally getting around to posting a few of her birthday pictures. I invited the girls in her class at school and they dressed up in their best "princess attire". She absolutely loved it and was soaking up every minute of having her turn being the birthday girl. Ellie really struggles with jealousy and has a hard time at other birthday parties. We went to one about a month ago and it was particularly hard for her. Needless to say, there was much anticipation for her birthday to get here. I wasn't really planning on doing much this year, but Steven's mom tells a story about when he turned 4. She said it was just his immediate family and they were about to blow out candles and he asked when his friends were going to get there. Oops! I think Ellie definitely would've been wondering.

Because a tiara isn't Luke's best look...we found something else instead.