Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Is In the Air

Hello!  It's Friday night and I'm sitting on my bed with a very large pile of clothes that WILL be folded before I go to bed.  (My Friday nights look a little different than they used to)  Otherwise, the clothes end up on the floor.  Therefore, that is my motivation to fold them before I get in the bed.  Anyway, I decided I would put that off for a little bit and blog because I finally have a few pictures to post.  We have VERY much enjoyed these last few days of gorgeous spring weather here in the South.  And I decided to soak them up outdoors because it will not be long before allergies attack the females here at the Barber house.  Steven gets them a little.  Ellie and I seem to have them the worst.  I'm praying they will be kind to me this year since I am pregnant and can't take as much medicine as I would like.  They weren't quite as rough two years ago when I was nursing, so we'll see. 

Yesterday we took a little trip to one of the parks here.  Luke wanted to take his new bike.  We finally broke down and bought Ellie and Luke each a new one a few weeks ago.  We looked for used ones for quite awhile and had no luck. Ellie's is still a little big so she begs Luke for a turn on his a lot.  He went around the trail once and then Ellie took the next lap.  Neither one are daredevils on the bicycles.  Luke took the downhill slope with constant breaking.  Mom and I were actually walking faster than Luke was riding at times.  Ellie was nervous to go down the hill, but I assured her all she had to do was use her brakes and she would be fine.  She panicked as the bike picked up speed.  I was yelling for her to use her brakes, but she said later, "I was too scared to use them."  So you can guess what happened.  She took a nose dive onto the asphalt.  I froze.  Mom had to say, "Ann-run!"  She was scraped up a little bit, and very shaken up, but no major damage done.


We decided milkshakes might make everyone feel better.  We spent the rest of yesterday afternoon soaking up the sun.  I am having to introduce my painfully white arms and legs to the sun again, slowly.  Mom worked on cleaning out the flower beds in her yard.  That made me want to do the same at my house today.  It is so much easier to watch someone else do it.  I am physically zonked tonight.  The pregnant belly didn't help either.  It always happens to me at some point in my pregnancy-I panic over the amount of time I still have left to grow.  It happened to me today.  After my shower I began to look for something to put on and I didn't feel like I could breathe in anything I was trying.  The milkshake I had yesterday probably didn't help the situation.

Before I go fold, or maybe dump the clothes on the floor, I will leave you with a funny Luke conversation.  He says THE funniest things sometimes.  I have to completely put my hands over my face when he is praying to keep from laughing or letting him see me smile.  He prays for the funniest and most random things.  To preface this conversation-we are having to readjust to always, always shutting the door when we come in and out to avoid flies in the house.  I HATE flies in the house and we have already had a couple.  Anyway, the conversation went something like this:

Me:  "Shut the door."
Luke:  "Why so wasp-ez  won't get in?"
Me:  "Well, yes, so wasps won't get in.
Luke:  "Because then we would have to call 991?" (Not a typo-hopefully there will not be a real emergency anytime soon in which he is required to call 911.)
Me:  "No, we wouldn't have to call 911 if a wasp got in."
Luke:  "Why?  Because God made them?" (The last sentence sounded more like a statement than a question, as if he was certain that is why wasps in the house would not be considered an emergency)