Monday, February 27, 2012


Hello??  Is there anyone still out there?  I think of my blog at various time throughout our insane week and kind of sigh in my head.  I feel like it's over, yet there is a glimmer of hope.  Steven surprised me with an ipad for Christmas. And I took it back to patiently wait for the ipad3, which is supposed to come out in March.   Having a computer is kind of a must for blogging.

I have no pictures to give you.  So sorry.  I won't even begin to try and catch up.  But as of this week, we are all trying to recover from some serious colds.  Well, praise the Lord, not me.  Most days I am still struggling to get everything done that has to be done in one day.  School itself is going very well.  It's just juggling all the other things that is such a challenge.  Let's see... Andrew is now 3.   If you follow my mom's blog, you know we had a fun weekend a few weeks ago when Steven had his appendix out.  That was an all-nighter, after a day by myself with the kids at the aquarium for Andrew's birthday.  I'm not complaining, though...before Steven finally got some pain meds at the ER he looked like he was in labor. Abigail is 8 months today.  She is so cute I could eat her to death.  LOVE this age, but then I'm always so happy when she's down for a nap because I can get so much more done.  She's so ready to take off crawling, she can hardly stand it.  Ummm....trying to think of other stuff.  We're staying super busy, of course, with church.  We are going through the gospel of Mark on Sunday mornings and it is unbelievably powerful.  God continues to reveal my weaknesses and inabilities, thankfully.  When I get a glimpse of His patience and mercy towards me, and what He has saved me from, and who He is, and what I am apart from Him...humbling beyond words.

My life is full.  The days are long.  I feel beyond blessed most days and so stressed out I could scream.  And a lot of times I do.  My kids HATE when I do that.  What child doesn't hate that?   Then I usually tell them, I HATE when you scream also. Ha! Anyway....I miss this and just wanted to say hi!