Monday, December 13, 2010

Some Christmas Things

Is it as FREEZING cold at your house as it is mine??  This morning Luke woke up and ran downstairs, asking where the presents were.  Somehow he had it in his head that snow=Christmas morning.  Andrew was enamored with it as well.  He has said "no" (snow) and pointed to the nearest window about one hundred million times today.  Ellie has begged to go out in it, somehow I've managed to avoid it by just saying "maybe later."

Tonight I am taking dinner to a couple in our church who have recently had a baby.  I am so very thankful that this was planned, because it forced me to buy some groceries on Saturday (which I didn't want to do at the time), but now I have a crockpot of soup ready to go for them and for our family tonight.  Which means I didn't have to get out and go to the store today.  It's the perfect day to have soup in the crockpot and not have to go to the store.  I still haven't had a shower (it's 2:00, although that isn't super unusual) and I don't know when I will get to it because I don't know if I can manage to take off my sweatshirt, or my warm, fuzzy socks.  Andrew is asleep, Ellie and Luke are playing quietly (for the moment) and I just thought I would say hi and give you a Barber update.

Because of the way I have been feeling, I am giving myself a "Christmas pass" this year.  I certainly want this Christmas to be special and fun for my children, but we will just do the main Christmas things.  Number one being-- pointing them, and myself, to why we celebrate.  I know I have said it once, but I so love our Jesse Tree devotional that we are doing.  I also don't think it is Christmas without Christmas music.  My two personal favorites, "O Holy Night", and "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel".  I have a version of "O Holy Night" that Celine Dion sings and "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" by Selah.  Powerful words, with powerful voices.  One thing that saddens me to no end is to hear such powerful gospel truths sung by someone who does not profess what they sing.  (Not necessarily referring to Celine Dion, although I don't know that I have ever heard of her publicly professing faith in Christ).    

O come, Thou Rod of Jesse, free
Thine own from Satan's tyranny
From depths of Hell Thy people save
And give them victory o'er the grave
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel.

Although, the best part of that last line, is that he HAS come!   
Rejoice, indeed!!

Moving on...Christmas cookies are a must, right?  My mother has always, always used the same butter cookie dough recipe.  So, she helped me out this year and prepared some and had it in her fridge and on Monday of last week, we went over and made those.  Paired with buttercream icing from Southern Living, they are THE BEST.  Laura Beth also did the same thing at her house and you can click here for the recipes.  Here are some pictures of our cookie day, thanks to mom's camera.

Before I go, I have to give you my soup recipe.  It's called White Chili and it's by Paula Dean.  But that name doesn't really do it justice.  It should instead be called The Best White Chili Ever.  It's easy, and so very yummy.  It's also one of those great soups that is best eaten with Tostitos Scoops.  You can't go wrong with that!  Also, it makes a lot, 10-12 servings.  And it is great re-heated.

5 cups chopped cooked chicken ( I don't actually use that much, just pull apart one rotisserie chicken and it is plenty)
3 (15 oz) cans Great Northern beans, drained
1 (32 oz) box chicken broth
1 (16 oz) jar mild salsa
1 (8 oz) package Pepper Jack cheese, shredded or cubed
2 tsp. ground cumin

You can garnish with cheese and sour cream if you like.

In an electric slow cooker, combine chicken, beans, broth, salsa, cheese, and cumin.  Cover, and cook on high for 3 hours, stirring occasionally.  Reduce heat to low; simmer 2 hours, stirring occasionally.  

*Basically, dump everything together, stir, and wait!!!*

Saturday, December 4, 2010

War Eagle and Disney Princesses on Ice

I'm sending out the biggest fattest WAR EAGLE ever!!  The SEC championship game tonight was amazing and now we are going to the national championship.  Actually, more specifically, I am going to the national championship game if I can get a ticket.  Last night we were sitting in Subway, (eating out, are you shocked?) and Steven said, you know, if Auburn goes to the national championship game, I'd like to try and send you.  WHAT??!!  I think I dropped my turkey sub.  So... I desperately  need two tickets, one for me, and the other for my friend, Laurahelen. 

You might be thinking, hmmm...she must be feeling better if she's thinking about flying across the country.  And the answer is I am.  I really think I have turned a corner.  However,  I am now dealing with a semi-bad head cold.  But I will take it over the nausea.  I am thanking the Lord for each day that I am able to get out of bed and not first run for a trash can.  

I'm happy to report we have a Christmas tree and some lights on the outside of our house.  We also have a Jesse tree and Ellie and Luke are enjoying our advent celebration each day.  However, I think Steven and I are enjoying it more.  Mom sent me the link to one of her favorite blogs, A Holy Experience, and the author, Ann Voskamp, is giving away a copy of her book, A Jesus Advent Celebration.  It is really, really good.

On a much more superficial note, Ellie and I went to see Disney Princesses on Ice on Thursday night.  A friend had already purchased two tickets and was unable to go, so she gave them to us.  It was a treat.  Ellie was giddy as it was approaching show time.  I was not so excited as we walked through a sea of Disney princess paraphanelia(sp?) for sell.  What they were doing was almost cruel to parents and children and should be illegal. $20-$15 for the rinky-dinkiest little toys.  I'm not kidding.  Ellie was almost in tears, because it was temptation beyond all temptation for any little girl at that age.  Thankfully they had these flags on sticks with all the princesses on them for $6.  I gave her the choice of that or some candy at the concession stand.  She picked the flag and waved it the entire show.

No camera for me right now.  It is not working again.  So updates shall remain pictureless for awhile.  Hopefully we will change that soon.  Please don't forget to hurry back and let me know if you hear anything regarding tickets.  I know it's a long shot, but I have to try.