Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Morning

It is actually now afternoon here at the Barber house.  But I took these videos this morning.  It is the usual craziness, and lots of cuteness, and me just trying to keep my head above water type of day.  I'm trying to "officially" start homeschool (Ellie's first grade work and Luke just a little kindergarten-mainly learning to read) next week and I continue to realize we are going to have to be VERY flexible with the schedule.

I wish I had lots of beautiful pictures of the kids to post like last time, but I think family will be more excited to see these.  Abigail is smiling and cooing now-LOVE this stage. 

Andrew is wearing me out the most right now.  He screams A LOT and grabs things from Ellie and Luke and refuses to eat things I know he likes.  And I know the older two get tired of it too, but they are a good bit older and I expect more out of them.  Like this morning when Ellie argued with Andrew over who got to push the button on the dryer.  Sooooo many fights to break up during the day.  Our sin nature and our flesh is very unattractive.  I've been seeing a lot of it lately-from children and adults.  Just looks a little calmer in children-still just as ugly in adults.  Praise the Lord that He is more patient with me than I am with my children and with others.  It is always sobering when I see Andrew's fits and think that is the same thing I do when I don't get my way, it is just on the inside-in my heart. 

I want to share one more thing that I recently ran across in my search for a fun, easy way for my kids to memorize scripture as a part of our daily routine.  Click here for the link.  It provides verses put to well-known children's songs for easy, fun memorization.  There is a coloring page for each one and for lots of the verses, bible verse strips are provided for a fun game.  When you finish the coloring page with the verse on it, you can date it, punch 3 holes and put it in a binder to have a record of the verse memorized, plus it will be a great thing to pull out for easy review.  Really, really loving it!  Plus it is FREE.

Here is what we learned this morning, with a slight interruption from Andrew regarding his coffee. Yes, he drinks coffee every morning (mostly milk with a little sugar). And like me, he is a bit cranky and frantic until he gets that first cup.


Ashley Turnbull said...

Love, love, love this! And, I love that it's chaotic at your house, as it is EVERYWHERE. I have decided I cannot get a hold of the laundry - no way at all. Hilarious that A drinks coffee. Can you recommend a starter coffee pot/set that I can try? I'm new to all this!

rhodes1 said...

Love it! Makes me rethink waiting until Thanksgiving to come home again.

Mary Ann said...

Oh, Ann, the videos are soooo good. Thanks so much for posting. Can't believe how Abigail has grown. All 4 are so precious.

Amy said...

Those videos are too funny! I certainly admire moms and all the non-stop work you do! :-)

Stephanie said...

Ashley, you took the LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this right out of my mouth!! LOL Oh Ann, thank you SO SO much for posting these!!! I just miss everyone so much!! I can't believe how much Abigail has grown. I love all of you and send a big hug with this comment. :)

LB said...

I'm with everyone else--love this!!! I will show Ada in the morning, and I imagine we will have to watch the videos over and over again. Abigail is so different--I am dying to see her. Sarah, if you go home, I will come home with my kids--so you would get to see all nieces and nephews at once!! It would just have to be a Thursday-Sunday.

Oh, and I am excited to try the scripture memory. We are memorizing John 1 right now for CC, but I will need something for after Christmas.